Super Strong - Longer Life - Superior Design
Made of 1060 High-Carbon 5/8 inch Round Steel

The May-Bridge Chain Harrow

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We also make smaller harrows, for riding arenas and other finer use.




Main advantages of the "Bridge" design

The framework, because of the angle of all parts, allows it to do much of the work (not just the teeth) and also tends to separate all joints, increasing wearability. This design also allows the tail section to stay down and not roll forward.

Orange chain drag harrow on a sheet

The "May-Bridge" Chain Drag Harrow are great pasture harrows.

The draw bar is made from strong round structural tubing.

We also put a lot of thought into our hitch. The hitch is made with chain, rather than rods and eyes. Because our hitch has more flexing points it will last much longer. The chain hitch is also easier to handle and store.
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The Bridge 3 Pt. Lift Frame

This is the most compact life frame on the market today. The main frame (A Frame) is only 6ft long and 4ft wide, easy for shipping and easy for dealers to stock and handle.

The drag harrow is picked up right near the center italicizing the geometry of this unique design which also reduces the number of drop chains necessary to attach to the harrow.
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3 Ft. Harrow Lift Bar

The "May-Bridge" Caddy

This is a unique new patented concept.

The many harrow carriers that have been on the market for a long time, require a frame work over the harrow attached by many drop chains. They lift from the back and on some models raise as high as 12ft. The "May-Bridge" Caddy has no framework over the harrow at all and has no drop chains. It lifts from the front and raises to a height of only approximately 5 1/2 ft. You can even use the caddy to turn the Harrow over right in the field.

The Caddy is designed to facilitate shipping in only 2 compact packages. It also incorporates a universal design so that the difference sizes may be made up at the dealership, reducing inventory costs.

We call it a Caddy, but it really is as Chain Harrow on wheels. There is no need to remove the harrow.
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